Nissan Skyline R32 GTS RB25 Xtreme Performance - 230mm Organic Twin Plate Clutch Kit Incl Flywheel - KNI23530-2G

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The Xtreme 230mm Twin Plate Organic Clutch is the ultimate clutch solution for very high horsepower street vehicles. The 230mm range offers an exceptional torque capacity whilst retaining a lightweight design. Each 230mm kit includes a lightweight alloy pressure plate, choice of friction discs, performance flywheel and associated hardware including pressure plate bolts and alignment tool. Xtreme Clutch 230mm upgrades have been designed to allow for extensive clutch operation options with internal hydraulic release bearings and pull-push conversions available for a variety of vehicles.

  • Torque (Nm)
  • Flywheel Step
  • Clutch Disc Diameter (mm)
  • Clutch Disc Spline Count
  • Clutch Disc Spline Diameter (mm)
  • Recommended for
    High horsepower street driven vehicles
  • Design
    Twin Plate
  • Stage
    Stage 2
  • Tech Bulletins
  • Weight [KG]: