How does it work?

Outsiders Auto are pleased to announce, alongside our used car parts importing service we now offer container space to customers! We aim for containers to be filled every 3-4 months, however, sometimes this could be a little longer. Don’t worry we will always keep you updated on estimated arrival dates.

So, you’re interested in buying parts from Japan but aren’t sure on how much it will cost? Let us walk you through the process and give an example price...

Step 1.

You’ve seen a part / have asked us to source you a part in Japan, we will purchase on your behalf, which includes the cost of item plus internal Japanese shipping and 10% handling fee for our guys in Osaka (This price must be paid to secure your import goods).

Step 2.

Once this has arrived in Osaka, it is stored until the Container is ready to be loaded and depart. As the container is ready to leave you’ll receive the second invoice; the shipping container price, payment is required within 5 working days.

Step 3.

The Container leaves Japan and is shipped to the U.K. and Outsiders Auto HQ (this can take approximately 8-10 weeks to land.

Step 4.

Once we have a U.K. landing date, the final invoice will be sent out to you, this will include the cost of Port Handling Fees (flat rate), Duty / Tax on the item (30% of item cost plus container shipping price) and U.K. handling fees (this is 10% of the item cost).

Step 5.

Your parts have arrived! We welcome customers to come along and collect, or we can arrange courier of the parts, this price is in addition to above prices.

Example purchase, Cylinder Head (shipping prices correct July 2022)

Item & Japanese Shipping

Invoice 1


Japanese Handling Fee, 10%

Invoice 1


Container Shipping Price

Invoice 2


Duty / Tax and U.K. Handling Fees

Invoice 3





Air Mail (usually arrives within a few weeks)
Sea Mail (arrives around 3 months)
Container Service (this takes a little longer as sea mail as a container has to fill before it is shipped)