Car For Sale

Here you will be able to find cars we have in stock here in the UK and also our Japanese stock.

If you are looking for a car and would like us to source for you, please get in touch.

We have access to all auctions in Japan (USS Tokyo / HAA Kobe / USS Shikoku / USS Gunma / USS Shizuoka / USS Okayama / USS Kyushu / USS Hokuriku / JU Gifu / JU Nara / JU Yamanashi / ZIP Tokyo / NAA Bidding Nagoya / Honda AA (Tokyo / Nagoya / Kansai / Kyushu / Hokkaido / Sendai) / JU Tokyo / Nissan Osaka) and many more.

We also have access to private / collectors / used dealers.

Any questions please drop us an email: