ABT Alloys Made By OZ Racing

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1x Full set of wheel with centre caps

Wheels are Made In Italy by OZ Racing

Quite rare now to find

These wheel have been in storage and we have just come across them.

18" x 8 or 8.5 (not to sure)

Muti fit wheels, these were off a VW

Unsure of ET but we think from looking up they come inET 35

They all have curbing marks on all wheels

Centre caps need a good refresh (one bolt missing), come to think of it so do the wheels

Theses are not in show condition but they are all there with no cracks or visual distortion.

Comes with tires tho they are a bonus so we can not recommend using them as we do not know the history

2x Landsail
1x Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (has cracks
1x Kumo EXSTA
All are 225/40/18

Please consider the tires as a bonus and free with the wheels.