TOYOTA GT86 2 200BHP 2012-2021 EBC Greenstuff 2000 Series Sport Brake Pad Set (Rear) DP21584

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Part Number - DP21584

Pad Dimensions - 110 x 38 x 14mm

EBC Brakes Greenstuff is a high friction Kevlar based pad compound designed to improve stopping power on lighter cars such as hot hatches and sport saloons in spirited highway driving.

Fully R90 approved the Greenstuff range delivers improved brake response from hot or cold and emits less dust than equivalent semi‑metallic pads. Read More...

In tests, Greenstuff has been proven to stop a vehicle 20 feet shorter than using stock pads. Greenstuff pads are fully shimmed, chamfered and slotted for silent braking and also feature the EBC Brake‐In surface coating to accelerate pad bed‐in after installation.

THESE PADS ARE NOT FOR TRACK USE. For heavier and faster cars in street or motorway driving, the best choice is EBC Brakes Redstuff or for fastest street use or track driving of any kind, try EBC Brakes Yellowstuff ,Bluestuff or the new range of RP‑1 and RP‑X pads which are designed for this purpose.

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