Who is Outsiders Auto

Established by Michael in August 2019, the aim was to bring a cool, positive car shop with inspiration from the JDM world mixed with the UK and US scene. What started off as an online parts shop, it has now expanded to having its own workshop. Outsiders Auto is not about how much money you have. It’s about what story you write for you and your car. Turning your cars into heroes. We are all grease monkeys with a mutual love for cars and all things around them.

Outsider - A person who does not belong to a particular organisation or profession

Auto - A car "the auto industry"

From our own branded products to the leading brands on the market.

To importing cars to restoring them. Outsiders Auto is built on passion and a positive attitude. We hope you enjoy looking through our site and look forward to you joining us.

Thank you

Outsiders Auto