TOYOTA SUPRA 3.0 Twin Turbo 1993-1997 EBC Yellowstuff 4000 Series Street And Track Brake Pad Set (FRONT) DP41004R

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Part NumberDP41004R

Pad Dimensions - 122 x 83 x 18mm

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff is one of the new EBC 'Hybrid' R 90 approved compounds being a high performance road pad that is also suitable for track use and works really well from cold.

If you want the ultimate in high friction braking, this is the pad to choose. Brakes feel superb from first touch of the pedal and stay effective right through the heat range. All EBC Brakes Yellowstuff pads feature the Brake‑In surface coating which helps pads to seat quickly after installation.


With a stable friction coefficient of 0.42µ right up to race temperatures of 450℃,Yellowstuff is a very popular pad amongst kit car drivers and lighter race cars having clinched the MX5 race series.

Although heat scorched, the compound does require careful bedding in before race use.

If planning track use we recommend using the pad for a period on the street to pre bed before making a track excursion.

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